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Pumpkin Toadlet Sticker

$4.00 CAD

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PUMPKIN TOADLET – You know it's cute when it's called a TOADLET!

·         Sticker is approximately 2" x 2.5"

·         Glossy finish - unlike this amphibian, this sticker should only be applied to surfaces that will not come in contact with water!

·         Part of the Amphibious Friends series – buy a pack of all 7 here!

·         All prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD)

·         Stickers ship FREE within Canada, $2 shipping for USA

This series of stickers were hand drawn and retain that hand drawn feel! You will see pencil marks and outlines on certain parts – I wanted to encourage a natural feel due to the subject matter of our amphibious friends here, so I decided not to make these digitally! I hope you enjoy the homemade feel as much as I do.

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